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  • Review your situation and identify any legal issues that may be important in your case;

  • Work with you in discussion of the issues and provide the proper solutions or legal opinions;

  • Collect all of the information and documents required for your application;

  • Fill out all forms and prepare the supporting documentation for you;

  • Provide assistance (similar to previous steps 1-4) in applying for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and Advance Parole—two major benefits of filing an Adjustment of Status application;

  • Submit your application to the USCIS and make status inquiries on your pending case when necessary;

  • Respond in a thorough and timely manner to any USCIS requests for additional evidence or questions about your case and inform you of the status of your pending case at each stage, such as the fingerprint notification and the interview notice.

After you retain us, we will:

An Adjustment of Status application (I-485 application) is normally the final step for an alien who is physically in the United States to obtain a Green Card.

Superficially, it seems like an easy procedure for one who is qualified to adjust.  However in reality, there are several tricky issues to consider, such as the age out problem, financial support requirements, and the relationship between the applicant's non-immigrant status and his/her pending I-485 status.

Therefore, we recommend you seek the help of an experienced attorney when filing your I-485 application.

Adjustment of status